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    A competition has been announced for 15,000 enumerators: Who can apply, how and how much is the salary?

    The Republic Institute of Statistics has today announced a competition for hiring enumerators for the upcoming census, which will be conducted in the period from 1. until the 31st October 2022 The competition is open until the 5th. August, and according to earlier announcements, 15,000 enumerators will be hired.

    However, the institute plans to receive 20,000 people, who will go through training for field implementation, in order to have backup enumerators.

    In the following, we bring you the highlights of the competition, the way to select candidates, the job description and the payment method.

    Who can apply?

    Citizens of Serbia with residence or residence in Serbia, who are at least 18 years old and have completed a three-year education, can apply for the competition.

    It is also necessary that the candidate has not been convicted, that no investigation has been initiated against the candidate and that no criminal proceedings are being conducted against him.

    Also, candidates should know how to work on a computer (MS Office, internet), which will be checked in the candidate’s testing, as well as having the ability to access the internet during the period of engagement.

    Competencies, current work status as well as previous experience will be scored.

    Thus, people with a higher degree of education, the unemployed, as well as those with previous experience as enumerators, will have the most points or an advantage.

    The maximum number of points that a candidate can achieve is 47, and in the event that candidates achieve the same total number of points, the priority on the ranking list will be given to the candidate who achieved a higher number of points on the test, achieved a higher number of points based on experience in censuses and/or other statistical research of the Institute, achieved a higher number of points on the basis of work status, achieved a higher number of points on the basis of education, stated that he has the possibility of using a car for work in the Census.

    If the candidates are tied and according to the mentioned criteria, preference is given to the candidate with the lower registration number.

    How do they apply?

    Interested candidates can apply for work only in the territory of the municipality/city where they live.

    Exceptions are students studying outside their place of residence and they can apply for work in their municipality/city or in the municipality/city where they temporarily live during their studies.

    Candidates apply exclusively by completing the electronic application, which is available here.

    A candidate can fill in only one application.

    More information can be found on the site dedicated to the census.

    When are the competition results announced?

    Ranking lists of registered candidates for enumerators will be published on the 10th. August.

    Candidates should then submit documentation and pass a computer test within the period of 13. until 19 August.

    After that 20 In August, a preliminary ranking list of selected candidates is published, followed by a deadline for objections and appeals.

    The publication of the Final List of candidates invited to the training is scheduled for 26. August.

    After that in the period of 29 August to 16 A five-day training session for instructor candidates will follow on September 20, and the final list of selected enumerators is scheduled for September 20. September

    The signing of the contract with enumerators is scheduled for the period from 22. to September 23.

    What are the basic tasks of enumerators and what contract is signed?

    The enumerator is obliged to undergo a five-day training in the period from 29. August to 16 September 2022 of the year and to get acquainted in detail with the Guide for enumerators and work in the data collection application.

    Also, before the census, the enumerator visits the field before starting the census. During the census, his job involves enumeration of all census units (persons, households, apartments) using the interview method, with the use of portable computers (laptops) to enter data into electronic questionnaires.

    According to the RZS, the enumerator can also perform other tasks at the behest of the instructor or the enumeration commission.

    With enumerators, either the Agreement on performing temporary and casual work (for unemployed persons, part-time employed persons, old-age pensioners) or the Agreement on supplementary work (for persons employed full-time by another employer) is signed.

    RZS emphasizes that “the institution is not responsible for the possible loss of the rights of an employed person, which may occur due to a change in his labor law status and the realization of work compensation (eg: suspension of payment of family pension, unemployment compensation, etc.).”

    How much can be earned?

    RZS, when asked by Danas about how much income enumerators can count on, explains that the average income of enumerators during employment will be around 60,000 dinars (net).

    – Each enumerator will, on average, be in charge of three census circles (about 200 apartments). All the time of engagement, enumerators will be paid insurance, they will be paid compensation for real travel expenses (if they work outside their place of residence) and they will receive a compensation of 1,500 for the needs of using a mobile phone and the Internet – according to the RZS

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