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    Esma Redžepova

    Born August 8, 1943. Šuto Orizari, (today in Macedonia) Death 11 December 2016 (age: 73) Skopje, Macedonia Occupation: Singer Period of activity 1956 – 2016.

    Esma Redžepova-Teodosievska (Mac. Esma Redžepova-Teodosievska) Yugoslav and Macedonian singer, songwriter and humanitarian of Roma origin. Because of her prolific repertoire, which includes hundreds of songs, and because of her contribution to Roma culture and its promotion, she was known by the nickname “Queen of Gypsies”. During her life, she performed in more than 15,000 concerts in 30 countries, of which 2,000 were humanitarian performances. With her late husband Steve Teodosievski, she nursed forty-seven children, and received a large number of awards for her humanitarian work. She created more than 580 works of art. This includes 108 singles, 20 albums, and 6 films. Awards She received numerous awards, the most important of which are: • UNICEF Award • Award November 13 • National Artist of Macedonia (2013) • Order of Merit for Macedonia (2013)


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